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In addition to these limits, inverter overload, undervoltage and overvoltage can be user configured for the output side of the system. The DC supply limits are also variable, as defined below:

Diagram Battery Limits First Start (1): To startup the entire system, the "First Start" limit has to be reached and exceeded on the battery terminals
UVP (2): The inverters are shut down when undervoltage protection level "UVP" is reached, in order to avoid deep discharge of the battery cells.
Restart Low (3): After inverter shut down due to "UVP", the DC level has to come up to "Restart Low" level again. The inverters are enabled again.
OVP (4): At voltage level "OVP", all inverters are shut down (overvoltage protection).
Restart High (5): If inverters were shut down due to "OVP", decreasing the DC voltage to "Restart High " causes the inverters to be enabled again.
Reset (6): If the inverters are breaking off from battery (for example, the user switches off the battery switch) the terminal voltage drops below "Reset" limit, the limit for the system to operate again is increased to "First Start" level.

In order to assure operation within all limits, the controller remains enabled at all times, exeeding these limits. Please refer to the datasheet for the default value.

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