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Three RISC processors control the core of the system. They measure battery DC voltage, mains AC voltage and frequency, output AC voltage plus total output power of the entire system. Please refer to the datasheet for measurement accuracy.

Several system limits are user configurable to assure optimal performance according to the environment the system is used in. The system configuration can be altered manually with four push-buttons and the display on the front panel. The user friendy menu interface makes alteration an easy-to-do task. The second option is to use an OS independent standard terminal program and change the system's limits via the RS-232 interface. The communication is text based, with short commands for the controller, which eases the integration of protocols into existing custom software.
Once limits have been set or defaults have been altered, they are saved to controller's nonvolatile memory, so that these custom specific values are available again on following startups of the system.

On system startup the controller checks the number and output power values of all attached inverters. These values are used to calculate the maximum total output power, or mains overload, of the entire system. In case redundancy is required, the calculated mains overload limit can be altered to the limit minus output of one inverter. It is also saved to nonvolatile memory.


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