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The controller has an additional signal connector located on the front panel, showing the state of the system (On-Line, Off-Line, Power Good). The "normal-open" and "normal-closed" contacts are potential free.

The display on the front panel reads, besides the system state, two additional values. The first one is the total output power, the second one can be configured to any of the measured values.

The controller has a built-in, battery buffered real time system clock. All system events are saved together with date and time into non-volatile memory. System events are defined as alarms, system startup or shutdown or configuration alterations. The maximum number of events to be stored is 256. Since the memory works in FIFO scheme, after reaching the maximum, the memory pointer will be reset to the first location again and thus overwrite the first value, and so on.
All events and states can be checked and recalled at any given time, either on display or via RS-232 interface. Furthermore, the controller can be configured to report all events in real time, meaning immediately, to a pre-defined phone number via connected modem. Also, the controller is able to send event packets once per day, as opposed to real time. The time for the controller to automatically dial up the management unit can be configured, to be able to receive calls only at times of low network traffic.

The controller can be reset to factory defaults either via menu or terminal.

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