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The Next Generation In Inverter Technology

A modular 19" system of inverters, bypass and controller is able to supply power ranging from 2kVA up to 48kVA. Thus, achieved through the modular concept, a n+1 redundancy in nearly all power ranges is economically feasible.

LavaLINE Inverter System Overview The system includes one controller and up to twelve inverters in parallel. The series inverters are available in 2kVA and 4kVA output power versions.
The controller is mandatory for systems operation. The controller is able to either manage a single inverter, or several inverters with even differing output power classes, due to an automatic recognition function by the controller.

An optional electronic bypass can be connected to the controller, the controller will automatically detect bypass error messages and assure the power supply of the connected load by switching over to mains (in On-Line mode) or inverter output (in Off-Line mode).

The system is redundant. The bus communication among all devices and the AC output of each single device is built in a manner that assures exchange of a single inverter at any given time without having to shut down the entire system.

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