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The inverter modules are available in 2kVA and 4kVA output power versions, enabling to provide a maximum of up to 48kVA totally. They feature a high efficiency and a low impedance power stage. This is achieved by the concept described below:

  1. The DC and AC filters act passive against disturbances from or to the outside
  2. The softstart module controls power consumption on startup, prevents transient currents and minimizes current consumption in stand-by mode
  3. The DC/DC converter generates a galvanic separated voltage of app. 370VDC from the filtered input voltage
  4. The DC intermediate circuit acts as a temporary power buffer and provides the values for power measurement and the active 100Hz ripple reduction
  5. The IGBT full bridge converts the intermediate ciruit voltage to sinewave AC voltage. The IGBTs are provided with high frequent, pulse width modulated switching signals by the processor
  6. The control circuit checks the static and dynamic behaviour of the inverter, i.e. load matching and offset adjustment
  7. Only at synchronous phase position and same amplitude, the output relais enables the output
  8. The LED bar on the front panel reads the output power of the inverter. Each LED corresponds to 25% nominal load

Inverter Block Diagram

Parallel connection of modules
All inverters are connected by CAT5 cables. Each inverter has its own address to identify itself on the bus to the controller. The two digit seven segment indicator on the front panel reads the current address of the particular inverter module.


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