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Inverter Cabinet Details: Fusing Safety first

All LavaLINE System Cabinets are equipped with circuit breakers to protect your appliances from overcurrents or short circuits. Ranging from 1 Amp up to a 100 Amps, they come as one pole or two pole devices, with or without AUX contacts.

Inverter Cabinet Details: AC Output Ease of service

Manpower should be used up in the core business of the customer, so integrating a cabinet into your system has got to be and easy-to-do task. The System Cabinets are delivered 'ready-to-connect', with the terminal blocks requested, enabling the technician to work fast and precise.

Inverter Cabinet Details: Wiring Modularity

Responding to an increased demand of output power shouldn't be a time-consuming task as well. As simple as the new inverter fits into the cabinet, as simple is the wiring needed to change configuration, as for example upgrading to a higher current bypass. Clearly arranged wiring in cable channels and (optional) numbered wires will support this job.

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