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  No market is growing as fast as telecommunications - at a rate that requires its businesses to respond on a day-to-day basis.
  Modularity is one of the keywords, enabling the customer to immediately react to the increasing demands.
  Reliability is equally essential, a failure of services for any amount of time cannot be tolerated.
  Ease of service, in upgrade and maintainance likewise, is of cruicial importance to these companies.

  When it comes to power, as a supply or backup, you have found the right place. This special product website is meant to provide you with in-depth information about LavaLINE, a modular 19'' inverter system with up to 48kVA output power, fulfilling all above requirements. Not only for the telecommunications area, but for any application where stable power is mandatory.

  For our other inverter products, as for example stand-alone units, please visit us at

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